1. International Driving License is required for foreigner and National Driving License for Indonesian.
2. Rental rate is inclusive insurance. However any accident, damage or thief of the motorbike and (or) any part of it, will be customer’s Own Liability (excess) up to USD $ 250 for the damages and USD $ 500 for stolen motorbike.
3. The renter will be full responsible to any consequences caused by letting or giving the motorbike to be driven by other person. Other than the renter.
4. It is not permitted to drive motorbike to outside of Bali Island without company approval.
5. Cancellation will be charge 50% of the rest rental rate.
6. Renter is fully responsible for any expenses occur such as: Engine or body break caused by negligent, flat tire, damages the tire, lost motorbike’s document, lost ignition key, lost helmet. Without prior approval, it is not allowed to service or repair the motorbike.
7. Whenever the Renter leaves or park the motor bike unattended it should be locked properly.